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East Cambridge Business Association

The 2019 Freedom Run 5K supports the



To promote and maintain sustainable commerce in East Cambridge; to be a single voice for its members; to promote activities that bond East Cambridge businesses with their neighborhood, and to preserve the historical integrity and importance of East Cambridge.


In order to have a great business, you need to have a great clientele, which is why we want to be sure that a business that is supported by the community is a business that supports the community. Good business is good for everyone. An active streetscape is safer for residents, and an active streetscape attracts better business.

East Cambridge has a long-standing tradition of family-run businesses. Some establishments have been here since the early 1900s and are still operated by the families that started them. We want to continue the historical traditions and preserve the character of our unique neighborhood. By working together with the community and by working toward improving the businesses we hope to make East Cambridge a better place to live and work.


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