Low processing fees for your event

Pass processing fees to participants to keep your costs down. Fees are based on total price at checkout

Event Processing Fees

Calculate Your per Participant Fee
Event price
Participants per Transaction
Fee Per Participant

includes credit card fees

Fees include platform AND credit card fees.

Pricing Chart
Total Fee
$0.01 – $249.99 6% + $1
$250 – $999.99 5% + $1
$1,000+ 4% + $1

Donation Processing Fees

Processing Fee

Donations always have a flat 4% processing fee - and yes, that includes merchant fees.

Keep in mind: Pricing can be customized. For example, some timers may include additional services and charge a higher processing fee.

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Fees are per transaction – not per runner

You and your customers can save on multi-runner purchases. And all donations get their own, lower processing fee.

Donation Discount

Keep donation costs down with a simple donation processing fee of 4%. Donation processing rate is dependent on a race’s organization type and choice of payment option.

Multi-Person Signup Discount

Because we charge runners by transaction fee and not per runner, participants can claim a significant savings by registering as a family or group.

Flexible Processing Fee Options

We allow Race Directors to set flexible payment options for race, donation, and store fees. Processing fees can be paid by the runner, absorbed by the race, or split 50–50%.

What to look for in a data security and transaction processing provider

6 essential questions you should ask when choosing your race technology platform

  • 1
    Does the provider have secure, scalable technology?
  • 2
    Are they PCI Level 1 compliant with independent auditors?
  • 3
    Do they keep your race funds separate from the funds that they use to operate their business?
  • 4
    Do they have a privacy policy for how they will collect, store, and share data?
  • 5
    Will they use participant data to market or sell unrelated events, subscriptions, or other items to your race participants?
  • 6
    Do they have a proven track record in the industry?

Straightforward Payment Options

With features this good, using RunSignup pays for itself!

Direct Deposit Payment Option (Weekly/Monthly)

With the Direct Deposit Payment Option, choose to receive payments as often as weekly. We transfer all settled funds less reserves each payment date. We highly recommend direct deposit whenever possible as it is the most secure and timely option.

  • All transactions less reserves that have settled at the time the payment is processed will be included. Settlement times may vary based on processor and other factors.
  • ACH Initiation Day — An ACH is initiated on Tuesday of each week for weekly payment to you. You should expect to receive funds in two to three days depending on your bank’s processing rules.
Note: Not all transactions will settle in the same timeframe. Weeks with banking holidays may delay the payment.

RunSignup has invested in the latest technology and cloud architecture to meet our customers’ needs. Our cloud architecture benefits you with speed and scalability at a low cost, providing the ability to handle large races with 50,000+ runners attempting to register simultaneously. Information sharing is secure; we use multiple levels of firewalls and all pages are secured with TLS/SSL and HTTPS. Runners can access us from any device including computers, iPads, and both Apple and Android smartphones. You can count on our secure infrastructure to be highly available. This secure infrastructure allows you to be comfortable that your data is being handled properly and payments to you are accurate and on time.

PCI Level 1

RunSignup has achieved the highest level of PCI compliance as evidenced by our Attestation of Compliance. Our volume of transaction processing required us to go through a rigorous certification process, which included onsite reviews and scanning and vulnerability testing with an independent third party Qualified Security Assessor. As part of the certification process we implemented the following advanced security measures:

  • Secure password storage with protections like bcrypt
  • Secure user input fields with SQL prepared statements to prevent XSS attacks and SQL injection as well as CSRF attacks
  • Advanced encryption key management procedures
  • Secure network configurations with multiple levels of firewalls
  • Employee, customer, participant segmentation and access control and login management
  • 100% code review and change logs
  • System hardening including implementation of Center for Internet Security recommendations
  • OSSEC log analysis
  • AntiVirus scanning including ClamAV
  • Constant vulnerability scanning including implementing Nessus
  • Monthly process to install security patches
Payment Facilitator

RunSignup has taken steps as a company to meet stringent security, banking, VISA and MasterCard processing rules to become an authorized intermediary (Payment Facilitator) between credit card holders (registrants) and race owners. This means that with our Advanced Payment Accounts we never handle your race proceeds. After the credit card transactions are settled for your race, the race proceeds are held in escrow for your benefit with our back end credit card processing company. Funds transfers to you happen accurately and on time by either ACH or check based on the frequency of payment you have requested.

Data privacy is important to you and to your participants. Whenever we collect or transmit sensitive data, that data is encrypted and transmitted in a secure way. We don’t sell or share participant data with anyone other than the owner or Event Director of the event for which a participant has signed up. RunSignup will not market or sell anything directly to participants who use our site. We only collect credit card information when a participant requests us to and if requested it is stored securely with a third party PCI Level 1 compliant vendor who specializes in credit card storage. View our Privacy Policy for more info.

Start using RunSignup today and see how easy your next race can be.

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